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Green Leaf Viet Nam's airport shuttle service helps customers not spend a lot of time looking for a car, and may miss their flight, or have to pay for an unclear taxi fare at the airport.

Please call us, you can be completely assured when you first come to Viet Nam for business, travel or pick up relatives far away.

xe đưa đón sân bay


You only need to provide Green Leaf Viet Nam with the flight code, we will proactively update all necessary information related to the flight (gate number, take-off time, landing time...), to make sure you'll be at the airport on time, saving you time searching for the check-in or check-out gate

In addition, Green Leaf Viet Nam's drivers always proactively arrive early to pick up passengers, and update flight information to avoid losing customers or having to wait for a long time, especially on long and tiring flights.


Drivers of Green Leaf Viet Nam always serve flexibly according to the hours requested by customers, including night flights. The driver will help customers carry their luggage quickly and neatly; and take the customer to the required destination safely. In case the customer's flight is delayed, the driver will always wait for the customer at the airport until he meets the customer.



We are owns the latest car models (2019 - 2020), luxurious, spacious, cool and comfortable. Based on the needs of use and the number of people, we will advise customers to choose the appropriate car model.

We are confident that we can bring the highest satisfaction to customers when riding in the car of Green Leaf Vietnam.


Using the shuttle service of Green Leaf Vietnam will help customers save time and money, and comfortably enjoy the trip. The car rental contract is always clear, transparent, with a reasonable rental price.

In addition, Green Leaf Viet Nam will take customers to wherever they want to go within Ho Chi Minh City. And Green Leaf Viet Nam also serves all domestic itineraries: Western, Vung Tau, Binh Duong... as requested by customers.



The price list of airport shuttle car rental is always public, and rarely changes. The car rental price will depend on the type of car, car model and number of seats. Car rental price includes airport entrance fee and parking fee during flight delay no more than 2 hours.


How to book a car?

Customers will book a car via Email, Phone number, Facebook, Zalo or on this Website. Please contact us several days in advance that we can serve customers more attentively.

How long in advance do I have to book the airport shuttle?

Customers can book the car at least 1 day before departure or arrival date. However, in some cases we may have to refuse because customer’s request is too close to the flight time.

How will Green Leaf Viet Nam pick customers up at the airport?

First, Green Leaf Viet Nam's driver will park at the parking lot. Then, the driver will walk to the passenger exit to pick customer up at:

International Terminal:

At the exit gate, please turn right and look for Column 10. Our driver will be waiting for you there with a name board.

Domestic Terminal:

Our driver will be waiting at A2 gate with a name board.

I'm afraid if I don't meet the driver at the pick up point

Before departure day, we will give you the driver's name and phone number as well as the car plates. Our driver will pick you up at the pick up point with your name board in hand on the day of rental.

I don't know about Vietnam's traffic situation, so I was very worried about the trip‘s schedule

We will help you plan a specific schedule based on the times and locations you provide. Of course, we do not guarantee 100% that the schedule will be perfect as planned because there are many other reasons.

How many Golf bags can the vehicle carry?

Toyota Innova mini van can carry 4 passengers and 4 bags of Golf. Ford Transit van can carry 8 customers and 8 bags of Golf.



Mr Dinh Hieu

"We chose Green Leaf Viet Nam service for my company's teambuilding trip in the South region. Despite the large number of vehicles, GLV always taked care us attentively and ensured safety for the whole trip. So our trip was very successful. We strongly believe and will always choose GLV's service for our other trips."